Who? Chapter 4: Real Beauty

The external advances in life mean nothing without the human shades of love, kindness, and warmth to accent each experience and add meaning to them.
Most people will recognize that beauty is not to be judged by the merely physical. Nor, should it be wholly judged by the spiritual or metaphysical. Beauty should be recognized as a concept. A core value of humanity that we have created. The ant cannot tell what is beautiful. We are the only species where the substance of our lives will increase in value after witnessing beauty. Through all this we easily forget one thing… In order for beauty to exist, so must the putrid, repulsive, and the ugly. Now what are these two things at the most simplest level?
They are perspectives. Simply put, you can manipulate your world just by changing your perspective. Why see a boil as ugly, and why is ugly deemed bad? Allow things such as good and bad to recede from your mind and you will find true freedom. From there, you may reconstruct yourself and become truly beautiful. Start from your genesis and define the world instead of the other way around. We start on this earth with the world telling us what is what, take a backwards journey and redefine this world for yourself.
signing off,
theDying Psychopath


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