Dyspoe Chapter 7: Real Beauty Part II

“The life that I have found is not mine at all. It has my name inscribed into it but I do not claim it.”
Beauty has become so prosthetic. Different eye coloured contacts. Enhancing surgery. Contortion of our own bone structure. What happened to accepted beauty? Beauty has been “boxed in”, confined into a singularity. There now exists only one single definition of beauty in our natural society.
You may argue that we have changed and state the various transitions from body standards, but yet we forget that their is a body standard. A social guideline for men and women alike to judge themselves upon.
Why thrive to be beautiful? The pursuit of being perfectly beautiful reveals the ugliness to personality. By actively “enhancing” with cover ups and edification, one is actually revealing their repulsive self-conscious behaviors.
Maybe you are beautiful, so what? Do you want to advance in life because of it? DO you advance in life because of it? IT is limiting to care about what people think. Don’t you agree??
theDying psychopath


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