Insight 3: Journal Entry- A precautionary Tale

“There are, nowadays, professors of philosophy but not philosophers”
-Henry David Thoreau
How limited we are by the affects of our preset ideals. They limit ourselves from gaining perspective because we fail to question our own ideas. This is normal for if we questioned all of our ideas, our world would cease to progress.
Now with that said allow me to ask you, Am I a psychopath? In order to answer this question you will need a guideline for you to judge me upon. An already preset image of what the psychopath looks like. Maybe the image you have is of the highly manipulative ceo or the serial killer, although you are right that psychopaths exist in both professions you undermine the word. This happens throughout language because as humans we simplify to better cope with this chaotic world.
SO, how to widen our cognitive span with a single word?
There are some commonalities between psychopaths.
It is not uncommon for us to appear to lack emotion.
It is not uncommon for us to lack empathy.
We also have an unnatural pride.
But, these three characteristics do not create a singularity.
Later in this blog I shall reveal more.
food for thought,
theDying PSYCHOpath


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