Experiments Page 1: Mind Control

This was something I actually stumbled upon accidentally. I was not meaning to experiment on mind control but I learned a lot about it from this one incident.
Now before you leave, I am not talking about putting my fingers to my temple and making people do things for me. I am rather writing about using unnoticeable “pushes” into the direction I want them to go.
So I was on the facebook page for my english class during my junior year of high school. We had a research paper coming up and I needed some materials for reference. One of the blog posts had an excellent potential for this. The two most flamboyantly smart people were in my class and I knew their love for showing off would come in handy.
My focus was to gain perspective on a possible research topic on education. My main target was an A+ student and in the debate club. So here is what I did, I posted on the post something that had faulty info and challenged his position. In return he gave me a full-out essay with 5(!) different sources to prove his material. He practically wrote my paper for me. Never did I expect it to go so well.
SO what did I learn from this?
Persuasion is a useful tool, but people react to the challenge of their intellect or status with a much more productive energy.
Maybe you can use this or have used this. I would love to learn if you have something of interest.
theDying psychopath


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