Imagine Chapter 9: Treasure

“Imagination is more important than Knowledge.”
-Albert Einstein

The only hope the only child has to succeed is to be imaginative. My most valuable asset is my imagination. I lived a pretty decadent and the only place I flourished as a kid were the worlds I created. The world was altogether a very ugly and scary place. In order to escape people find drugs, eat, play games, and etc. I escaped by escaping into different worlds. Worlds where I was an equal or superior to most. Worlds where I stood a chance. In reality I had barely anyone. Within myself I had everyone.
It is interesting to notice how far I have been able to progress with fragmenting with reality. I can control what I hear with intense focus and clarity. It was quite a culture shock for me when I found that this was a rare quality. Kids give up such a fundamental component of their lives in order to “grow up”. I hope you did not give up your imagination or at least had one. If you did then do not worry there are ways to rekindle or kindle this flame.
At night when you go to sleep, create a world. You can take a world that you witnessed in a movie, book, or tv show, it does not matter just make sure you have one. Then breath in that world and do as you please. Sometimes you will not sleep for 30 minutes, sometimes 2 hours. Do this daily and you will see how it will translate into your daily life.
Imagine that,
theDying psychopath


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