Comfortable? Wasteful Beauty Page 4: Life

There is beauty in waste. Would not the Mona Lisa be more cherished if it were to go down in flames and disappear for eternity? Does Attention not follow more closely after tragedy? That is the nature of this world. We will never know somethings true value until it is gone.

It is idiotic that this idea has even come to exist. We become comfortable and this is where we fail. We fail to plan. We fail to recognize the nature of the cosmos. Sure it is beautiful but many will also find beauty in the face of death and call their stupidity, bravery. That does not mean fear death but one should take precautions to stall its inevitable arrival.
Just like that one should never take life lightly. For death is nothing compared to the consequences of life. Imagine an afterlife where instead of facing judgement you face the person you could have become if you did not squander your time so profusely.
Tick Tock my friend, a few seconds before your end
theDying Psychopath


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