Page 5: A Tangent into Intelligence

The mind is a very tangible thing. If the mind is tangible than so is intelligence. When it comes down to its formation there are two sides to the equation of intelligence, one part is genetic and the other environment. With the genetic portion that is where your potential is found. Your genetic make up determines your cranial space and your brain’s growth rate. Your environment determines how well you will be able to interact and tap into your potential. An amateur with a gun is nothing compared to a pro with a sling shot. Even if your tools are less than ideal there is still hope.
My intelligence did not really flourish until now. I lacked environment and so I was repressed for a big portion of my life. When I was a child and they evaluated my level of comprehension and thinking, they told me as a fifth grader I was reading and learning at a third grade level. I was deprived and so my intelligence , my potential remained dormant. It was not until something of a liberation occurred that I started to tap into my potential. I was free to really think and learn. Create new neural pathways and create environments that would better help me flourish.
Flourish my dilettantes,
theDying psychopath


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