An inquiry of inquiries Page 6

The importance of questioning.
Many will fail to recognize that the question is of much more importance compared to the answer.
The quality of what you seek comes from the quality of the question you come up with. If you ask the wrong question you will get the wrong answer. I was given the opportunity to challenge myself and look for the right question to ask.

The Scenario: As a lil’ ice breaker we were to ask one question about the two people sitting next to us and the person that sit across from us. These questions were to be asked anonymously. Everybody had on average 3 questions given to them. The directions were to choose one question out of the pile that you were given and the question had to be revealing about your character. Out of the three questions I created, 2 were selected(which is a high percentage and an overall success). The first person that answered my question opened up about their past and we learned a great deal from him. My second question drove the person to tears. She was filled with emotion and had the whole class on their seats. It was a very interesting experience.


2 thoughts on “An inquiry of inquiries Page 6

  1. theShadow says:

    Which, if there was one, would be considered the right question? Did you find the right question to ask? What questions did you ask? Which would you say was the better response? Which did you find more interesting?
    What questions were you asked? How did you respond?
    Did you detection any deception? Was the ice broken?


    • I am guessing that you are asking which question out of the three I asked was the most revealing? To the average eye I would say the most revealing question was my second one where it led to person to tears, but I found both of them to be equally revealing.
      I favored the first response.
      The three people I selected, I tailored questions after what I could surmise about them through induction.
      The first person who chose my question was very outgoing(to a fault I might add). I could tell that it was an act because of the way he would act when he thought people were looking and when people were not looking. As well as the times that he approached me because he wishes to befriend me. Through this and other trivial observations I asked the question, “What are you the most self-conscious about?”
      For the second person I noticed that through the way the act that they were trying to show a proper almost noble-like side of themselves. Through this I asked, “How important are appearances to you?”
      They were given the questions anonymously and read the questions themselves out-loud in front of the class.
      There was no deception from those two but a fair amount throughout the class. The ice was entirely broken.
      The most interesting response to me was the first one where the person did not cry. Not-crying and crying are equally revealing actions, and I have learned a lot from both responses. I am just more interested about the first person as compared with the second one because of his obvious signs of weakness.


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