A psychopath’s view on friends Page 7

Many would ascribe themselves to be a friend of mine. As people value and friendship and the use it has for networking. People will claim friendship just for the sake of appearing to be more social. And so people will claim to be my friend.
To be honest, friends are of no necessity. It is not necessary to have friends but there potential for usage is of extreme value.
It is not wrong to use people, especially if they enjoy the work they are doing because they feel as though they are getting closer to you are accomplishing some moral feat.
I am not fond of having friends because of the amount of time they will waste talking to each other about the most trivial of matters. Entire speeches where it would not have made the slightest difference if I were to never hear them speak in the first place. I have a select few friends(just 1) that I confide in and trust to be people that I completely enjoy. I am not anti-social, although my words if were to be spoken at a party would outcast me, I am intelligent with my remarks and do not deviate from social norm, regularly.
One of the most excellent uses for friends or people in general are experiments. My experiments deal mostly with reaction or revelation and I learn a great deal through my, what some would say, inhumane or queer hobby.
Some might call me mad for thinking this way but this seems very clear to me.
theDying psychopath


4 thoughts on “A psychopath’s view on friends Page 7

  1. theShadow says:

    1.The more complex people around me are generally resistive to such direct questioning. Greater complexity demands great finesse, though it seems few are without their defences somewhere.
    3. It’s a matter of convenience then?
    4. I know what you mean there. It’s convenient being surrounded by predictable entities though.
    5. Mind addressing it further? (perhaps another post?)
    6. Yes, indeed.
    7. Yes it does, but it’s not quite accurate to extrapolate a society from the individual. There are limits, and cross factors, but I suspect the broad features are apparent.


    • 1. I thought that too. That people that resisted to answer my questions would put me in the dark. But I came to the realization that their denial gives me incredible insight.
      4. At times of focus or entertainment, but it gets incredibly boring.
      5. Perhaps I shall.


  2. theShadow says:

    If trivialities bore you, then how do you pry right to the heart of interesting conversation? By what mechanisms do you rip away the trivial? What distinguishes your friend from the rest that call you friend?
    What qualities do you find lacking in the average person that seeks to orbit around you?
    If you find most people lacking in some way, what are you thoughts on society?
    If I’m taking your meaning in the correct way, it seems that I perform similar experiments. Which experiment has been the most interesting for you? Which has been the most telling about human nature?


    • I shall answer in order.
      1. I will ask quite revealing questions right away. They answer the questions 100% of the time. The key is to have the right synthetic atmosphere and intention.
      2. Instead of ripping away the trivial I find it best to just avoid the trivial.
      3. The conversations that we share. I will admit however even my friend bores me considerably.
      4. There is no complexity to their personality. Most people are self-conscious and care about what others think of them and this detrimental thought train dictates most of their life.
      5. O that is a huge question. There are many positive sides and many negative sides. On some days the negative encompasses the other and on other days the positive seems to outshine the other.
      6. Well several experiments come to mind. THere was a time where I experimented with fear with animals and humans. It was interesting to find out how delicate and malleable the human psyche is.
      7. The most telling would have to be the times where I focus on the individual to show me the societal. A certain intense laser of focus focused at a crystal spectrum to reveal an entire world of knowledge(if that makes sense).


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