The simple Matter of death Page 9

I have long forgotten the fact that people fear over their death and the death of others. I have forgotten this because death has long been cast away from my worries and I have viewed it to be a sort of pleasant escape or a natural door that we all eventually exit through. A final act of our own individual plays that some of us fear will end. The worst play is the one that the critics say never end. I would advise to never fear death because well I simply do not understand where to find fear in it. I understand that people fear what comes after death and deal with existential issues but I think even that is foolish. If there is a certain truth dealing with a deity or no deity then that is that. Do not fear a god or silence after your inevitable death. I certainly do not, for the silence of my existence will not equate to the silence of my voice or my effects that I had and will have on this planet. The cease of action does not mean the cease of effect. No, what I fear is much greater and worse than death. I fear purposelessness. Stagnation. Perpetual meaningless life of searching and creating things that will never amount to anything. Death is nothing compared to a hellish life. Give me death if my life was a long one filled without meaning. Therefor I do not see suicide as a necessarily bad thing. It can be beautiful and poetic.
Find purpose and do not let such a trivial thing such as death scare you.
Bring it on,
theDying psychopath


8 thoughts on “The simple Matter of death Page 9

  1. theShadow says:

    Do you believe in a deity? I wonder how much humanity one may prescribe to the Devil without some form of belief in beings of that sort. What do you mean “I would assum myself to be of the greater.”? Was there more to that sentence that I missed? I must say, I find it interesting that in your progression from taking a demon up on its offer of life through death, you would further explore, (without assurance of escape or life), the ‘darkest’ places and characters ‘to exist’. Are you considering all this in the hypothetical sense, thus abandoning some sense of self-preservation, as it would be useless in a hypothetical scenario, or are you really willing to plunge into uncertainty and obscurity so earlier in life?

    What moves you about The Inferno?


    • 1.Not anymore. I use to be a devout christian but now I consider myself an atheist.
      2. If the sole purpose of this devil was to torment me than the devil is limited in its intelligence and possibilities. I am not contained in any way so I would be greater than the devil.
      3. Well there are two ways I looked at it.
      une. Would I have nerves in the realm or would I be a spirit. I think it would be idiotic to think that a spirit should have any sort of nervous system so pain was not really of an issue. Now the second issue was whether my mind/soul/spirit could be,like you said, self-preserved. It is a risk I would likely take for the experience that I gain would be well worth any risk of losing myself even though I believe that to be unlikely.

      I believe it was the 4th ring in hell where a HUGE angel descended into hell to open one of hell’s innner gates. The imagery moved me like no other piece of English Literature. I would recommend the book to anyone.


  2. I would most likely choose the new existence. I would love to converse with this devil. I am glad to hear that you have an appreciation for the arts. Have you read the inferno?


    • theShadow says:

      It’s curios that you would gamble where most would not. I would likely gamble as well, though I’m partial to life. Hypothetically, what would you converse with the devil about? How might you avoid being deceived by the grand trickster?
      The arts offer many flavors to life that technical disciplines can’t translate, however, I seek a technical artistry, whereby art will be redefined by the technical onslaught of ‘progress’.
      I had the pleasure of reading a few passages from the Inferno on a laborious family vacation, though I have not had time to return to it for a proper reading. Why do you ask?


      • Well if it was a typical christian inferno than I would ask if it knew that it was created to be hated and to fall. I would ask it questions relating to its own humanity. If it is more intelligent than I am than I would seek to expand my horizon by learning. I think before assuming that I should hold my guard just in case of some foolery, tricks, or deception, I would ask would the devil want to trick me. If it was for the sole purpose because that it was his purpose in his creation, than I would assume myself to be of the greater. Therefor trickery will not befall upon me. If however there is a greater meaning to him, than he would also know that I am already in his grasp. He may toy with my but I have eternity to learn. So there is no need for avoidance.

        I just happen to really like the inferno. There has never been a piece of literature that moved me like the way Dante’s The Inferno has.


  3. theShadow says:

    If you were offered an immediate death or a life of stagnation and purposelessness, which would you choose?
    Conversely, if you were offered death, as a door, not an end, or life, to continue on as you have, but for your death to be an end, which would you choose?


      • theShadow says:

        1. Naturally.
        2. Pardon the multitude of commas. Consider it like this: A demon (of the philosophical variety – like the one Descartes and others have grappled with for centuries) approaches you and extols the virtues of an early death. The main virtue that if you die ‘before your time’, then death (as a state of being) will not be an end for you, but will allow you to continue being, although on another plane of existence (such that you would not be able to use your body). However, if you die a natural death or if your death is ‘timely’ (in the sense that it is the right cosmic time for you to die), then death with be an end for your being. The demon offers to kill you immediately, if you wish, so that you might pass through death into a new existence, but cautions that if it is your time to die, then your existence on any cosmic plane will cease when the demon kills you. Which option do you choose: life and thus the near certainty of a timely, final death, or death with the uncertainty of a timeless existence?


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