In Remembrance to you

Thank you. . .
For everything. . .
The lie you made because that was the only way you thought you could get through.
Thank you for that.
You’re so greedy. You didn’t have to say goodbye. . .
I wish I could be with you one more time. I wish to hear you cry on my shoulders, laugh at your stupid jokes, and hear you call me stupid or unthoughtful. Any whisper of an insult is better than this silence.
A giggle. The colors that you emit from a single laugh. The orange, pink, white, and yellow that engulfs me. Just once more.
You will always be in my heart.
Thank you. . .
I love you.
Good bye.
theDying psychopath


4 thoughts on “In Remembrance to you

    • 1. One of the most beautiful things to have graced this earth.
      2.I shall make a post on love soon, so wait for &that.
      3. Very rarely do I ever become so drawn back by a single event. Strangely I am glad because of this sort of meloncholious state. This calm and strong focus that makes me replay the events over and over give such color to music and life in general. I would say that I am fine. Ca va?


      • theShadow says:

        1. Did she receive your message?
        2. Those posts were worth the wait. I’ll comment on those when I get a chance later.
        3. There is a sense of self-unity in melancholy, no? The whole being absorbing itself and finding itself in even measure feels some satisfaction. Good to hear. It would be a shame to drop this project of yours, and I do so very much enjoy communicating with you.


      • 1. She did. Again my ways were too unorthodox for her(not blaming her) to handle and I knew this.
        2. Please do.
        3.Precisely. Melancholy is a state of release where you truly become one with your surroundings. Every little sound becomes louder and you do not reach out to hear anything. Sounds just start to come to you.
        I do not plan to drop this anytime soon. This is my online journal of sorts.
        Do not be afraid to ask more questions for I enjoy learning more about you and myself.


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