Page 13: Voice

I have said that I would never reveal all of me. This is true.
My voice is one of the most experimented with attributes of mine. I often change it at a whim in order to better communicate or even to communicate less. I shall give one of the voices here today.
Keep in mind these are not separate entities or personalities. These are just ways I incorporate and regulate my intelligence in the way that I say to best fit a situation.
The Comedian
This is the voice I will use when talking in social environments(most of the time). This voice is extremely funny and I have known to get all the lols in a single room ha ha. He is eccentric and energetic. He is a genius in the way that he catches onto social cues and manipulates them to make people laugh. Great way to make people like you is to make them laugh. They will see their own laughter as a sign that you are a good person and will like you. Most of the time it does not take much to convince people that you are cool or nice if you just make them laugh. With strangers I usually just rapid fire different joke-types to see what type of humor they like. Most people find the same things funny so it is not too hard to figure people out.
He also can be the most crazy. All of my voices have this potential. A sort of defense mechanism must be built into all of my creations in order to insure safety in any environment or scenario. A friend of mine thinks that I am the most sociopath-like when I have these crazy fits of humorous laughter.
Through this line of experimentation to create this character I have become able to laugh at anything. When I say anything I meant it haha.
How I created it
Many of you will be curious on how I create a voice or my mental projections. First it takes a lil bit of imagination. Imagine an ant trying to play chess and beating you in a game! Kill it so one will know. Just kidding.
First there was the matter of being actually funny. You will have to go out of your stupid lil comfort zones and try to be funny. You won’t be at first but over time you will slowly see what makes people laugh and what doesn’t. Through this you will also be gifted with the marvelous power of recognizing vibes and social cues. I use to be so terribly unfunny. Man… What a loser I was. It’s embarrassing just thinking about it.
But no worries now I am as funny as they come.
Next step was a plus for me.
Laugh at everything
It was not too hard for me. This was mixed with my experiments with fear so I tried to laugh at the things that people found not funny.I already found murder to be quite funny so the next step was the more gory and bloody stuff. I stared into the eyes of people being tortured and hurt on screens and real life and had a good laugh. It was hard at first but over time it got more and more funny. Now I laugh at anything. Oh the looks I get when I slap someone in the face or kick someone that is on the ground and have a huge laugh are the most delightful.
Of course I moderate when I choose between extremities. I like to tailor my exposure to those who I crave reaction from.
And look how normal this all sounds…hmm? Sure of course you can do the same thing. Try it… I dare you. Alllow yourself to creep into madness. Will you run in with me or crawl?
theDying psychopath


12 thoughts on “Page 13: Voice

  1. theShadow says:

    1. There was a movie (about a decade ago) of little consequence. I was curios if you meant Casanova, by “the charmer” serial killer in a detective novel.
    2. Fair enough.
    4. Quite so, but I think it takes a certain kind of mind to appreciate it. Where normal people (within a couple behavioral standard deviations) mind enjoy besting someone in a certain situation, I think that savoring such weakness in others strokes a less ordinary sort of mind.


    • I believe that we are able to better specify the origin of such frenzies and that those who fear to be judged hide and suppress their desires for they fear that they will become evil.


      • theShadow says:

        Would you say that puts us in the unique position of being better able to study such frenzies?
        Have you read much in the way of psychoanalytical theory? I suspect you may find it quite confirming of some of your beliefs, though it wouldn’t be proper to stop there.
        If evil was the only end, I would not have looked beyond it. I see far greater and more terrible ends, of which evil is but a stepping stone. Those that hide or suppress their desires are probably more concerned with non-conformity and judgment.


      • Unique in the way like the difference between a caged bird and a free one.
        I have not looked at it but I will start to.
        So what is evil a stepping stone to?


  2. theShadow says:

    What other voices do you employ? What are these voices used for?
    When you laugh at everything, is it because you have developed the ability to find everything funny, or have developed the ability to laugh, or has your laughter become a hollow mask?

    Have you ever laughed at your anger or during episodes of rage?


    • 1. I will give you one other voice(my gift to you haha). This voice I call the Casanova. He is not just charming to women but overall very charming person.
      2. I use it when I believe that it will help me achieve an objective. Some people will align themselves more easily with my comedian and others need a more charming fellow. It all depends on when the environment requires.
      3. I have developed the ability to find everything funny. It would not be far off to say that it is hollow mask because it is only when I use the comedian, but during those episodes I genuinely find everything funny.
      3. Yes I have done both. I only laugh in rage if I want to. If I want to instill fear. There is a sort of ecstasy that I feel when an individual is truly afraid, discomforted, or terror-striken.


      • theShadow says:

        1. Funny – Is that a reference to something other than the movie?
        2. In what situations are those voices insufficient?
        3. Curious.
        4. I know the feeling. To see one flinch in a moment of aggression, you know that you own them and can savour their indecision and fear.


      • 1. I’m sorry I do not understand what your mean by the movie. I did not watch a movie called casanova. It is of reference to the actual person.
        2. Some find people that laugh at everything to be extremely annoying. If the said person has something I want than I will change voices in order to make them feel more comfortable. Allowing them to tell me what I want to know.
        4.Yes, but I do not think attribute belongs solely to psychopaths or the neurotic. This is a rather universal one.


  3. M says:

    People may like you but they think of you as an entertainer. People don’t take you as seriously because you constantly sacrifice your integrity due to your own desperation for a laugh.

    At least in my experience.

    Best regards,


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