Misanthrope Page 14

Today I witnessed such an overwhelming hate. I have always considered myself a misanthrope but the relationship I have with the word changed entirely.
The world was so repulsive to me, I thought of destroying every single one of them to free themselves from their own continual depressive and ugly state. Never have I endured such intention to kill on such a wide scale. The thought of murder was not new to me but the grandness of this thought surprised even me.
I have tangoed with the ideas of reform and change and even genocide but never has it been so personal.
I do not know what I seek.
I do not know what I will find.
What I do know is that I will continue searching.
theDying psychopath


6 thoughts on “Misanthrope Page 14

  1. theShadow says:

    Why don’t you think there is logic behind beauty? I’m of the opinion that beauty is entirely composed of logical consequences and filtrations. Wherever I see beauty, I see logic (and occasionally intuition). The next time you admire beauty, I challenge you to consider the logic of it – all the facets which make the thing beautiful in and of itself, all the interpretations and perceptual factors that allow you to see it as beautiful, and all the mathematics, science, geometry, history, et cetera that offers you that stance of beauty.
    Pathetic though they may be, how can you change their ugliness? Can you mold the world into something beautiful?


    • Beauty does not exist outside of humanity- Nor does logic. To facets of humanity that combine together to make another non-existent house. Now how I see it is that beauty is a construct formed from childhood and remarkable figures that one interacted with in life. That is the logical side, but to change one’s view to better fit one’s moral can be argued to be illogical. That is my take upon perceptual beauty. I, rather illogically, go against my own precepts and fight to cause change in my limited views.
      One does not change ugliness, one changes what one deems to be ugly.


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