The Beautiful Page 15

The most beautiful girl is the one that does not care about beauty but is still beautiful. She does not feel self-conscious when she is not wearing make-up. She is passionate about things that she likes herself and doesn’t automatically follow what society says to like. Fashion and style mean nothing to her. She cares about what people think and what they think about her but not how they think she looks. Although they will all think she is beautiful.
There is another type of beauty. Only a few will be blessed to have a beautiful weakness. Although I find being self-consciousness to be repulsive, if it is fought with a brave heart even if it is laced with fear, I cannot find any blame. Allowing herself to be judged and hoping for the best. Thrusting herself into the eyes of whom she admires and hoping that they will accept her and that her actions or thoughts will get to them. A chained spirit. A weak one that does not ask for help but for encouragement. One that knows that they are weak but still perseveres with the heart of a mighty lion. She may put on make-up and other corrective mediums to enjoy life more. Beauty and products may be important to her but it is nothing compared to her passion. She uses them instead of being used by them. She is the clear master and uses them to thrust herself forward. Progress towards a goal. No one will deter her from it because of how much she has thought over, cried over, and fought over it. Whether the goal be a lover, a stage, or a scene, it does not matter as long as she still remains the passionate dragon she is. Her wounds will be obstacles. She may stumble and fall and maybe even lose hope, but she will draw strength from her goal and even her friends.


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