Insight 4: A rare tale

This is a rare insight to one of my experiments. I, myself, have never wrote down my experiments during the process of their creation or ever really…
So I have come across the rare opportunity to write one down today because I started to create one. I was curious as to the extent or the existence of a person’s self-consciousness. I have been curious to exploit this but I rarely had the chance for I rarely do I ever get to see this person. Today, on a luck’s whim, I was able to see this person. So here was my plan.
Most of my experiments do not take a long time to accomplish but every now and then I will have some that take weeks, months, and even years. This one would take longer than usual because I could not figure out any shorter way. All my experiments take as long as they need to.
My plan was to compliment them and make the moment very memorableĀ to them. After establishing this I would allow them to leave on a positive note and wait for our next encounter. The last impression will inevitably leave a positive stigma and have them attracted to me and my compliments. The next time they see me I will then retract my compliment and insult them on their appearance or anything else that I could find to be a weak-spot(I have a couple in mind). Their reaction will reveal to me the extent of their self consciousness and other characteristics that I am curious about, such as defense mechanisms. I suspect that this will cause them to look up to me for confirmation. I will be strategic and compliment them on some days and insult them on others. The more reactions I get the more revelations of their character that will come. The reactions from the compliments will be as equally as revealing as their reactions to the insults.


6 thoughts on “Insight 4: A rare tale

  1. theShadow says:

    That’s fair. I wouldn’t want you to compromise your experiment for posterity.
    Have you weighed the effects upon the boyfriend( or girlfriend if she’s a lesbian)? I think it would be a waste of opportunity to neglect the secondary data you might glean from studying the indirect effect upon him (or her).
    What do you mean by immortal (in your last sentence)?


  2. theShadow says:

    If speaking in specific terms won’t ruin the result, to whom are you referring?
    Have you considered the potential difficulties arising from insulting a person repeatedly over time? You may find that they slowly shut you out if they aren’t attached enough to deal with such a bipolar character (by this I mean your experimental personality – not true personality). Is the test subject strong enough to grow from both the compliments and insults or will they become diminished by this experiment? Will you alternate your behaviour on a fixed interval or some periodic function?

    Why the lobster?


    • I will not give any names but the girlfriend of someone I know.
      If I started the experiment with an insult then the experiment would have been very short lived. If I compliment her well enough then she will will attach a certain type of dependency upon me without her knowing. I am not trying to manipulate her reaction but analyze it. Whether she shits me out, diminish, or grow I am interested in her exploit. I do not care if she grows or diminishes. I care for the knowledge that I will gain from her exploit. But my opinion is that she will grow for she has people to support her.
      I will alternate my behavior. I will be cold and warm.
      Like the lobster, she will be in the palm of my hand. Immortal but caged.


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