A Reiteration

The psychopath is such a specific term for a nebulous group of people. If I had the power to change the term to be more specific towards what I am then I would. Sadly I cannot and it is a title that will stick onto me forever. I understand why people misunderstand the capabilities of people like me when it comes emotional maturity and intelligence. To be honest I do not even know my own capabilities. But I do not think this attribute should be surprising towards anyone. I believe that most of the world do not know their capabilities or even search to define them. Much of the conflict in the world comes from the failure to find and understand context. The context that is hidden not only behind me but cramped behind all of us. I am a psychopath but I am also merely human. It pains me to say this I admit but I am human. I need air. I need water. I poo and I pee. I love and I hate.
People are fascinated by the term and create their own psychopathic criteria. That if they do not meet terms a,b, and c, then they are clearly not a psychopath.
People have said that I am not a psychopath because I do not meet their expectations. They expect a psychopath’s blog to contain such and such.

Now let’s take a step back. I have asked a friend of mine to write what you have just read for me in their own words. A true reiteration.

How poetic,
theDying psychopath


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