Death Page 16

A beautiful depression has risen over me. Yesterday was one of the most unproductive days of my life. I felt like doing nothing. Inside there was a voice telling me to work or at least write but I ignored the qualm. Instead I laid in my bed and did nothing. There is very little that attaches me to this world and those things are very temporary. I recognized this and knew in my soul that a day would come when those ties would be cut. I never expected them to be cut so soon. I failed in preparation. A sadness has caved in on me.
Like any other emotions, this is a great opportunity to act in virtue, but… I have found that nothing makes one more human than sadness. Nothing reminds the soul of its emotions, weaknesses, and bitterness like sadness. My constructs crumble before me in a light that I would describe as tragic and poetic. Even in my own destruction I look for beauty or elegance.


One thought on “Death Page 16

  1. theShadow says:

    Sometimes feeling the embers of one’s ambition is the easiest, most comforting reminder of our humanity. Re-examine your ambitions; stoke the flame. Rage at the weakness into which it is so easy to slip. Burn away stagnation with purpose.
    While depressed, one has the unique opportunity to use a different lens. I wonder what you’ll find….


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