“I know I don’t know anything. I am a moron and it’s self-inflicted.”
-Glenn Beck
I would consider myself an avid learner. I go out of my way to learn things and supplement myself with knowledge and wisdom. I have learned to be suspicious and careful about what I learn. I learned to question all constructs and to develop my own so that the world of knowledge would be easier to navigate. With this constant act of building upon myself I have forgotten a crucial cornerstone of my learning foundation and that is that I know nothing. What little grasp I have on the world is nothing. It is moronic-my efforts- when compared to any of the truly great men and women that have existed before me. I will never know what they know and I need direction withing my own world. I am blindly searching for truth and I stumble upon every obstacle that I come against.
Many would consider me to be a narcissist(although I would not) so these are very humble thoughts for me. It was a great experience to realize that I truly do not know anything and that I have so much more to learn. It instills urgency and a greater desire to learn.


One thought on “Revelation

  1. theShadow says:

    Fear not, Descartes also walked the same path (though he never really crawled back from minimal philosophical certainty except by God). Greatness will come with effort applied in the right direction, and a boldness to wander into uncharted territory. Find your direction, and the path will unfold.


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