Profile: The Whacking Cat

*This is a profile of a person I know. I have dissected what I can from his actions and the people that surround them. Although this is a discourse founded upon personal inquiry. Nothing was founded by external inquiry.

The Whacking Cat
HE is open minded and open to new experiences. He is described to be kind but also intimidating to some. He prides himself in his accomplishments and finds joy in discovering new things. He has a thirst to “live life” to its fullest.
Now lets dig deeper and find his weak points.
I find it very revealing to focus on the relationships the individual has with their mother and any other significant female relationship they have had during childhood.
He showers them with gifts and memento to remind his mother and sisters of how much he adores them. This reveals a desire or necessity¬†for emotional security. Needing to constantly remind his females that he loves them and cares for them. A self-conscious complex is revealed. This translate also to him caring about what others think of him. Which also points to the idea that behind his thirst to live life is to show that he is indeed living life. “Proving” to others that he is not wasting it.
Now onto other revealing factors.
He is at the mercy of his emotional state. He cannot handle his emotions, he has no defense mechanism besides riding his emotions out. His state of being sways at the mercy of the people around him and his environment. An emotional intelligence weakness. He finds comfort in a God for all the turmoil that he goes through is validated and if he believes that they are with purpose he is thus comforted. A little pathetic
He has no control over anger, depression, or happiness. Whatever emotional state he is in, all his efforts to change will be useless for he has no knowledge of how to effectively manipulate or mediate his own emotions. He lacks in that area of maturity.
This makes him highly self-conscious and so he has the need to show that he is indeed mature and doing better than other people. So he has defined what a “mature” individual lives, looks, and thinks like and follows these guidelines to the best of his ability. He figures he is doing well for his “mature” construct has deceived him into thinking that he making progress in maturing.
I would go on but this is starting to get redundant.


4 thoughts on “Profile: The Whacking Cat

    • I do not understand the first question. I believe that he was created by his parents and the immediate environment that surrounds him.
      About him? I can cause rumors to destroy his reputation. Some founded upon delicious truth.
      I can. There are ways that I can help him achieve greatness.
      I can ruin him,but I want to have more fun with him. You see, no one’s reactions do I savor more than his. He wishes to be righteous when he is so undoubtedly not. He is not evil but he entertains me so much.


      • theShadow says:

        By the first question, I meant to ask what factors were instrumental in bringing his current self (as you had observed him) into being.
        What fun will you have with him? Can you make him useful to you?


      • There are a many that created him then. He has been with many girls and from these experiences came a dependency to the status or title of being with a woman. He is dependent and cannot cope without a companion. He is self-conscious and I know all his ventages. I often toy with him for he is too frail an individual. Useless he is in conversation but useful in introspection.


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