My Dear Mistress

My Dear Mistress,
How you destroy me.
From you comes all my doubt and weakness.
You are nothing but a void that I can never hope to fill or close.
You Take all that I have and leave nothing but an empty pathetic carcass behind. You destroy me.
And yet, I am so dependent upon you.
I so desperately need to free myself from the torturous lustful chains that you have wrapped around my neck and still, I find myself crawling back to you.
Putting back on the very constraints that killed me.
How genius you are with your psychological terror.
The warfare that you have mastered and now use to puppet me into obliterating all that I hold dear and true.
My dear mistress,
my dear mistress,
With my first step towards freedom I release myself from your eternal grip and pierce out into the world that I have so long forgotten.
May the memories of void and black evaporate into light and shine.

Curses that hold me to you will now banish and the curses shall be no more.
For all eternity has in store my victory over yours.


4 thoughts on “My Dear Mistress

  1. theShadow says:

    Interesting poem. It seems your language has confused M though. There’s a beauty to it that makes me smile, and yet, a hint a something long forgotten that reminds me of times when I knew it well.
    Thanks for sharing this.


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