The Thrill Of Murder

Now this is a very obvious and interesting subject. There is no other stereotype about a psychopath that is more highly exposed and misunderstood. There is the idea that as a psychopath we are more prone to kill. This is a false. It is just easier for us to kill. This may seem difficult to understand but it is an important trait that one must understand if one wishes to even begin to understand what it means to be a psychopath.
Now death to me is but a doorway. Not to an afterlife or anything like that, but rather to nothing. It is merely just an end. There is nothing wrong with death and nothing to fear over. Now with this fundamental view, a line is drawn to my view over the matter of death.
But this is not what I am going to write about. This post is for the stereotypical. The frenzy one has in murder.
A sort of ecstasy-like haze flows through the body. It is a mix of sexual thrill and adrenaline rush. There is a flow when it comes to the act of killing. A natural order or procedure to how things should proceed.
The climax is not in the death but all things that lead to it. The pleasure they supposedly find is in the analysis of all the mixed emotions emitted.


2 thoughts on “The Thrill Of Murder

  1. theShadow says:

    If I may respond in so stereotypical a manner as this,
    what does a psychopath find stirring in the “mixed emotions emitted”?

    I don’t wholly agree with you the notion that it is easier for psychopaths to kill. It seems to me that their inclinations are likely natural, due to some chemical foundation in the brain, but what differentiates the actions of a psychopath from someone that is not, merely lies in where their actions tend. To say that psychopaths are abnormal seems rather unfair. I think the difference lies in the tendencies of the people, not necessarily the biological or psychological mechanisms by which they filter action possibilities. An open mind can view murder and kill with little difficulty, but it takes a more closed mindset to only consider a certain behaviour set for the tendencies they employ. As someone that likes to keep an open mind, but is not a diagnosed psychopath (nor do I feel that I am one), I think that tendencies can be controlled, manipulated and even practiced. You, Samtire, are an excellent example of this. The self control you (appear) to possess is a prime example of a competent psychopath.


    • Yes, it would be unfair to generalize such a group- I am against this as you would have read. I also deem that there are groups of which are more naturally inclined to be open-minded against all upbringing or frailties of the past. This being said I say that the psychopath, although not limited to, are naturally inclined to do so.


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