The Negative Effects of the Selfie

There is a natural occurring phenomenon in this world, and that is the Selfie. There really does not need to be an explanation for I am sure that most of you have partaken in one or two of them yourselves. Even I have taken selfies before. I did not think a thing about them until today. Allow me to explain why I believe that selfies are of a detriment to society.

First what is a selfie? Like all intellectual problems, we should define what we are questioning to gain a better understanding of where and how we should stand on a certain subject. A selfie is when one takes a picture of ones self. But there is more to a selfie than a single photo, isn’t there?

A selfie does not come from merely one photo. A selfie is founded upon the tens of hundreds of photos you took beforehand just to make sure that the photo is  “just right”. Sometimes you do not even post the selfie. There are times where you just keep them locked away within the ether of digital memory stored within your digital device. Why do we take selfies?

What purpose do they serve us? All selfies are published on social networking sites. They are used to promote the individual that is being presented. Where is the harm in that? Take a look at the previous statement again. A tool which is used to promote the individual. How is one allowing one’s self to be promoted? Merely by the skin upon one’s face.

Often times the promotion is guised by negative comments of one’s self, and this practice is called “fishing for compliments”. People purposely say that they are ugly so that people will reassure them that they are indeed not so. This is an ugly practice for it does not reassure people but rather give them their “fix” of attention to function. This promotes attention-whoring instead of mental well-being. Why?

When “egging” on individuals to focus on one’s appearance, the spotlight turns away from the interior attributes and focuses solely on the physical appearances. This often leads to individuals valuing their looks more than the intellectual property that they can produce. This train of thought will ultimately lead to the mass of social network consumers to value their physical appearances more than their thoughts, and even more devastating, they will begin to value the looks of others over their intellectual prowess.

This acceptance-seeking attitude also develops an over-dependence on others. If one’s view of social success is dependent on comments, hits, likes, and follows, than one puts one’s own security at the whim of their peers. This can create self-consciousness and self-conscious thoughts, which is pretty pathetic.


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