A Sociopath’s Calm

I recently began a train of introspection to help better understand who I am. I noticed another sociopathic idiosyncrasy. I believe from this stems all misconceptions of the psychopath’s lack of emotion. As one can easily see, I am talking about how calm we normally are, especially in emotionally devastating events. The imagery painted by society of the individual standing still amidst the crowd running for its life as rubble falls and crashes onto the people. The o’too-cliche scene of the man witnessing the death of many people and not showing any change in facial expression. Our calm has been highly misconstrued and has deceived the world of our true nature.

Our calm is not eternal or forever. Nor does our calm symbolize the eye at the center of a hurricane, and foreshadow the manifestation of our intense hate, malice, or any other destructive emotion. We do not hide ourselves, their is no true psychopath hidden behind a mask of lies. Our calm is just our choice. We choose to not be emotionally attached because we find it wasteful to be attached to whatever event is at hand. We reserve our daily intellectual capacities so that we may sparingly divulge our energies into what we find truly worthwhile and interesting. We are not patiently  storing our hate withing ourselves and walk around like a ticking time bomb. We are rather like automated password locked computers that only allow access to certain keywords or phrases.

We are unapologetic-ally meticulously emotionally selective.


2 thoughts on “A Sociopath’s Calm

  1. theShadow says:

    I appreciate your accuracy. It surprises me that few people can understand this state of calmness when they so often expend valuable energy in fretting about the possible outcomes when the task of survival is at hand.
    Perhaps this phenomenon may stem from the lack of perpetual expectation of constancy in life. It seems to me that upon accepting that situations may change rapidly, the mind is given an emotional freedom, in favour of a more analytical framework from which it can derive the most suitable solution.
    I can think of several people who would benefit from these faculties, though have yet to find a suitable situation in which they may be taught. Do you have any suggestions?


    • I find that it helps to constantly remind oneself of the brevity of life and how minuscule we are once compared to the universe. If one can show how everything is a matter of perspective then it becomes much easier to adopt other perspectives. At least that is my perspective haha


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