Although I have been labeled a psychopath, the more I learn about how people define the term and how we are represented, the less connection I feel with the word. I did not like how we were either deemed heartless killers or manipulative social chameleons. We are all human. Do we not all manipulate the strings of life to puppet the world to our will and how we would have it?

I find the “imitations” to be sub-conscious manifestations of the socially deemed “unacceptable” facets of personality that all humans share. I know I am different, but you are not all the same either.

What if I just was not taught the ability to empathize and rather was taught to value logic more? Not to say that I am not capable of emotion. I love. I hate. I smile. I cry.

There are so many ways to label me a psychopath. There are also so many ways to call me “normal”.

do not choose a side, because you are the culmination of the two.

They make life… boring.


3 thoughts on “Jumbling

  1. theShadow says:

    The sides make things boring only if the space between them is left unexploited. I’ve found ample amusement in introducing one side, showing them another, then trying to convince them that I exist in the undefined ( or, as some might say, “undiagnosed”) middle space. I think we’re normal because we don’t exist totally in anything, but rather persist as a culmination of factors plucked from experience.

    Another thing I’ve forgotten to ask: Why the deviation from your page-numbering style in the titles of your posts? What happened to your book?


    • I like that idea. Simply put, we have many faces that we show, and they differ from person to person.

      Jumbling is 18th page, but I did not label it so that was probably the source of your confusion. I am sorry about that. I did label it as my 18th page on my table of contents though.


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