Table of Contents

Humble Beginnings: Chapter 2 ytuaeB
Coitus Chapter 3: Sex
Who? Chapter 4: Real Beauty
Chapter 5: On the Quickness of Life
Chapter 6: A Proper Introduction
Chapter 7: Real Beauty Part 2
Chapter 8: Killing
Chapter 9: Imaginary Treasure:Imagination

Experiments Page 1: Mind Control
A Misconception Page 2: A Philosophy on Consciousness
The Idiocy of Self-Consciousness Page 3
Page 4: Wasteful Beauty-The Beauty in Destruction
Readers Contribution 1-theShadow
Page 5: A Tangent into Intelligence
Page 6: An inquiry of inquiries
Page 7: A Psychopath’s View on Friends
Page 8: A Discourse
Page 9: The simple Matter of death
Page 10: Anger
Page 11: Love Part 1
Page 12: Love Part 2
Page 13: Voice
Page 14: Misanthrope
Page 15: The Beautiful
Page 16: Death
Page 17: Humanity
Page 18: Jumbling

Insight into Happiness
Insight 1: My Obsessions(some)
Insight 2: Values(some)
Insight 3: Journal Entry- A precautionary Tale
Insight 4: A rare tale
Insight 5: Emotional Tale

My Dear Mistress
Memory is the Distance between You and I

A Sociopath’s Calm
Gender Identification
The Brevity of Memory
Sadness and Sorrow
Live Like Gas
The Thrill of Murder
The Negative Effects of the Selfie
An Observation of the Common Core

Profile #1: The Whacking Cat
Profile #2: White Beard


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