Gender Identification

One of our societies greatest overlooks is the way we identify as a gender, and the importance or gravity we lay upon it. You see, there is a gender dogma when it comes to our daily vernacular. How often do we see children segregate their language and activities by gender? You can see this in the daily lives of adults as well. The societal push to act like a boy/man or girl/woman. Why do we do this? There is no need. What if we were to eliminate the physical awareness of gender distinction. Now of course there has to be the awareness of sexual reproduction and sexual organs that distinguish individuals from another, but the weight, I advise, should be somewhat lessened.

In my youth there were many instances where I had to prove myself as a boy or man by doing many physically exploitative things. Fighting, working out, and talking back all proved that I was a man. Now how silly does that sound? To prove your gender is a preposterous idea when one looks at it in retrospect and logically. If we were to however focus on our minds instead of the trivial aspect of what hangs or does not hang inside one’s trousers than as a society, I believe that we would advance at a much more rapid rate. How much more wonderful would it be if our children worried about the contents of their minds rather than the contents of their pants. You see gender is not the social construct, the importance is.

Today we see the distinctions in gender even in our battles to prove their equality. The truth of the matter is that genders are not equal. They are entirely different. The each have their own benefits and weaknesses. So one cannot draw a straight line down society and expect equal outcomes from both genders. Our anatomies are too different.  However, our intellect is most likely all that we have where potential is identical. Now a connection can be made.

The difference between gender anatomy is focused on, so as individuals we divide ourselves further with our gender. At an early age we are exposed and forced to acknowledge the difference between genders. Imagine how the world would be if we focused on the similarities of our brains? Our intellect? Our curiosity. . .
The distinction between genders might very well disappear completely. Sexual preference would be a thing of the past. Homosexuals and heterosexuals would dissipate into history. Everyone would be bi-sexual and bigotry over sexuality would hence disappear. And if a sexual preference were to rise up, no commotion or riot would ever suppress it, for gender distinction would no longer be something to worry about.